AdPolice IndustryWatch delivers in-depth information about the search engine behaviour of your key competitors. Based on the most relevant keywords for your sector, our solution provides you with detailed insights into search engine marketing, which you can leverage instantly to optimize your own campaigns.

Comprehensive competition and market analyses

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of your SEM market environment
  • Analyse the competitor landscape in terms of visibility and market share distribution
  • Access the most important keywords for your sector directly, divided into keyword clusters and detailed analyses

Monitoring and analysis of your own SEM campaign

  • Monitor your own ads, the levels of visibility actually attained, positions and third-party activity levels for your keywords
  • Define strategic keyword sets and receive alerts when falling below set visibility levels or positionings
  • Compare your ad texts and keywords with your competitors’ and derive potential for optimisation
  • Reveal untapped potential and optimise your SEM campaigns in real time

Reports and instant alerts

  • Maintain the overview with daily reports
  • Define your own events for which you receive instant alerts from us. Thus respond immediately to drops in performance or competitor actions.


„After changing brand protection policies on September 14, 2010, we registered a significant increase in brand bids on our branded keywords. With AdPolice, we have found the right partner so that our brand is sufficiently protected in search engine marketing. In addition to BrandWatch, AdPolice is also active in the development of new software solutions for us.“

... to our customers

These customers rely on products by AdPolice:

  • lastminute
  • Sixt International
  • Zalando
  • Sephora
  • TUI Deutschland GmbH
  • Adobe
  • 1&1 Worldwide
  • AVIS

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