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Here at AdPolice we truly care about monitoring and protecting your brand related traffic from Adword Campaigns.

With Adpolice BrandProtect we are helping you to reveal affiliate fraud and brandbidding that creates negative impact on your profitability and maybe even your brand image. By monitoring your brand related keywords in a very narrow grid we ensure highest possible exposure of misbehaving partners or competitors.

More than 200 clients from all industries already use our tools to increase profit from SEA activities.

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OMR 2017

We would like to thank all customers, partners and visitors for the interesting discussions, positive feedback and exciting new ideas.

dmexco 2017 We will continue to work hard and have some great suprises lined up.

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Rockstars Aftershow 2017 Pictures

Here are the AdPolice Mugshot Wall pictures.
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Rockstars Aftershow 2017